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Publix Passport – Publix Oasis – Publix Login

Publix Measurements for prevention of Coronavirus:

Publix Passport has covered 830 stores in Florida, with over 1,200 in the southern U.S.

Older communities and those with poor health are more responsive to COVID-19, so Publix announced times and days for senior purchasing hours.

The Publix Company declared a statement on Thursday:

Publix is designating Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, 7 to 8 a.m., for buyers, age 65 and over as older shopping hours. This change in hours will begin Tuesday, March 24, and last until further notice. Publix Pharmacy will be open at 7 a.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to help our senior community.

According to the state Department of Health in Florida, the total number of confirmed Coronavirus Pandemic COVID-19 cases increased to 390, with eight deaths. The most notable percentage of cases continues to report in those 50 and older.

According to the CDC, people over the age of 65 are highly at risk of complications from the Coronavirus Pandemic. Publix is giving these expanded hours to support its senior community rightly.

Coronavirus Pandemic

Additionally, On March 13, Publix declared it would close two hours earlier to give staff time to clean and restock their racks due to Coronavirus Pandemic:

To help our buyers properly from Coronavirus Pandemic COVID-19, we are furnishing our store teams time to lead extra defensive cleanliness and restock products on our counters. We will coordinate store and pharmacy hours company-wide to close at 8 p.m.

Publix has covered 830 stores in Florida, with over 1,200 in the southern U.S.

Publix announced times and days for “senior purchasing hours” because Older communities and those with poor health are more responsive to COVID-19.

The Publix Company declared a statement on Thursday:

Publix Passport is giving benefits to its customers is having age 65 and over, by assigning Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, 7 to 8 a.m., as senior shopping hours. 

On Tuesday, March 24, this change in hours will begin and continue until further notice. Publix Pharmacy will also be open to serve our senior population, at 7 a.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Publix Oasis is also known as Publix Super Markets, Inc., and it is an American biggest supermarket chain headquartered in Lakeland, Florida. In 1930, George W. Jenkins founded Publix.

Publix Passport is a private company that is entirely owned by present and prior employees. Publix is holding No.1 ranking best quality supermarkets in the U.S and, established in six states in the Southeastern, the U.S. like FloridaGeorgia, AlabamaTennessee U.S. South CarolinaNorth Carolina, and Virginia.

Publix Passport is the popular self-service portal Publix passport login system for Publix Login employees, also known as Publix Oasis login. This system permits Publix Supermarket employees to locate and manage their accounts, contact information, and work calendars.

Publix Oasis Login:

It is an online portal where employees of Publix can log in to see their working list. Oasis is a computer-automated system that generates a store working list based on its business demands. You can also view payslips and personal monetary details.

What is Publix Passport login or Publix Oasis login?

Publix Passport is the official portal for Publix colleagues. The employees of Publix supermarkets can access their accounts from this website, and they can manage their paycheck. Publix workers can check employee information. The employees of Publix Supermarket can access and maintain their accounts by a website login system.

Publix Passport Username:

Your eight-digit number I.D. will be your username with the first digit replaced by a “P and I.D. So if your ID is 01234567 and your passport I.D. is P1234567.

Purpose of the Use of Publix Oasis Passport for Publix Employees:

Publix Passport provides everything about your job, the company you work for, and your standing as an employee. Besides all other benefits, you can even ensure that your boss is transparent and fair when giving you your paycheck. With his portal, you can view all possible information about your employment, on your mobile phone or from home computers.

How to Log in to Publix Oasis Passport?

The Publix Passport Employee website is known as ‘Publix Oasis.’

Publix workers can access their accounts through by using their computers or mobile phone browsers to access their accounts. The Publix website is active and runs on all devices. Employees can view their accounts, weekly schedule, browse their payslips, and manage their benefits on their laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. This website is more accessible to everyone, you do not have to register to get access, and this is one of the best things about the portal.

All you have to do is to secure your login credentials from the Human Resources team.

This login credentials I.D. are:

Your Publix User ID and Publix Password.

Occasionally you will have to wait for your first paycheck to receive your details. In the beginning, as a new worker, you can ask the H.R. department about how to get your login credentials, and when you will be able to see all the details about your job on Publix Oasis.

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Complete Guidance for Log in to Publix Passport:

First of all, you need to have a browser that is compatible with your device, and for the website, and then you can log in to the site. Remember, Publix Passport only works on Safari 5.1 for iOS devices, IE 7.0 for P.C. You can access your account using the Firefox 4.0 browser if you are using an iOS, Android, or P.C windows. The site is not compatible with Google Chrome, so you cannot access the website using Google Chrome.

Secondly, by typing the Publix Passport link to the address bar of your browser, go to the login page. The link is

After typing in your User ID and password on the Publix login passport page, then click on the ‘Login’ button. For the first time logging in to your account, you have to provide some details, like your email address and phone number. Then you can view and manage your employment details, paychecks, and other benefits.

Troubleshooting in Publix Oasis Log in:

There are four main reasons if you are facing trouble in logging in to your Publix Passport account.

  1. The first one is the browser. Remember that your browser must be compatible with your device and with the website.
  2. The second reason is the domain, and there should be no any misspelled word or misplaced symbols in the link of Publix Oasis login page.
  3. The third reason is the ESS Runtime error. Sometimes, the users find the ESS Runtime error while trying to the login page. If your browser does not work, refresh the browser and delete your browser’s cookies, history, or restarting it.
  4. The fourth reason is that you might have forgotten your password on the login page.

Reset the Publix Passport Login Password:

Once you are a Publix employee, you will receive an email that is associated with your Publix Oasis account that will need if you try to recover your forgotten password.

To recover your forgotten password, go to the Publix Passport login page. Click the ‘Difficulty with Password’ label, and then the page where you will prompt to type in your username will open.

Insert your user I.D. on the username field and click ‘Continue I.D.’ Then you will receive an email from Publix, asking you to reset your password. Follow the instructions shown on the mail and reset your password. You can now log in to your account using your current password.

How Can I View My work Schedule on Publix Oasis passport?

Once you are successfully logging in, you redirected to the homepage of your Publix account. Look at the right section of the page and click the link below the Oasis logo. The title of the relationship is ‘Open OSS,’ and you can go to the menu and click the ‘OSS’ to redirect to the page of the Publix Oasis schedule of your job.

The schedule is in a calendar style that permits you to check your schedule and times.

You can use this tool to check if the data meets your paycheck, depending on the management in your store; you may be able to adjust your availability on your online schedule.

Publix Human Resources and Payroll Contacts:

Regarding your login credentials or paycheck questions, you can call the Publix Human Resources at

1-(863) 688-7407,

Ext. 52108.

The Publix Payroll Contact number is

1-(863) 688-7408,

Ext. 22311.

Additional Resources:

Publix Login Page:

Publix Benefits Page:

Publix Contact Page:

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