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Publix extending in St. Johns County

1- Publix Super Markets Inc. plans a 48,400-square-foot store on an 8.55-section of land site at 855 County Road 210 W. in Beachwalk.

PEBB Beachwalk Grocery LLC purchased the property on July 10 for $2.75 million from 210 South Development LLC. The deed states there is a rent concurrence with Publix.


PEBB Enterprises declared July 22 that it will begin site work promptly on the Publix-secured focus.

It will remember 10,500 square feet of extra for line retail space for different inhabitants.

The site is straightforwardly over the road from the 3,000-section of land Beachwalk private and business network with the 14-section of land Crystal Lagoon.

Likewise, St. Johns County affirmed licenses for inside redesigns for two Publix Super Markets stores in St. Augustine. The licenses are a $625,000 rebuild at 955 Florida 16 and a $575,000 remodel at 84 Tuscan Way.

2- The Salmonella Newport episode connected to onions has ventured into one of the biggest as of late, with 640 individuals nauseated in 43 states, as of the latest CDC update.

As the episode has extended, so have the related food reviews.


When Bakersfield, California-based Thomson International started a 50-state review of white, red, yellow, and sweet yellow onions a week ago, the following flood of reviews would be of the considerable number of items that incorporated those onions. That wave cleaned out items sold at Walmart, Kroger, and Giant Eagle, which were all reviewed for the current week.


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Likewise reviewed were red onions bundled by Del Monte Fresh Produce and sold through mass showcases at Publix stores in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Virginia. The Lakeland-based chain says no Florida stores were associated with this review of red onions sent to Publix in July with item query number 4082.

The USDA put out a Public Health Alert about these onion-containing food items from Taylor Farms, the maker in the prior Walmart and Kroger reviews. Buyers with any of the beneath items should return them to the store for a full discount.

▪ Walmart’s “Marketside Southwest Style Salad with Chicken, best by date of 08/11/20 or 08/12/2020 and parcel Nos. TFD212AU26 or TFD213AU26.

▪ Sausage Breakfast Scramble Bowl sold at Walmart with parcel Nos. TFD212AU8 and TFD213AU8.

▪ H-E-B Shake Rattle and Bowl Southwest Salad with Chicken, best by date of “Aug 10/2020” and parcel No. TFD213AU20.

▪ Kroger-sold Taylor Farms Cheddar Cheese and Chicken Salad Snack Tray with use-by dates 08/06/20 or 08/07/20 and parcel Nos. TFD212AU7 and TFD213AU7.

▪ 41.35-ounce plastic sacks containing mass chicken serving of mixed greens, sold at Kroger, with use-by dates 08/04/20 or 08/05/20 and part Nos. TFD212AU8 and TFD213AU8.

▪ Walmart-sold Chicken Salad Deli Snack with parcel Nos. TFD212AU3 and TFD213AU3 and best by dates of 08/06/2020 or 08/07/2020.

The above items went to Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, as per the USDA, in spite of the fact that Walmart’s store list incorporates a lot more states. The container of ham beneath went to stores in California, Illinois, South Carolina, and Iowa and was accessible via mail request across the country.

▪ 1.25-pound container of Amana Meat Shop and Smokehouse Ham Water Added in Vinegar Pickle, parcel Nos. E2620, F0320, F3720, F5420, G0620, G1720 and G3920.


The CDC’s state-by-state map says the main states without individuals nauseated: Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Hawaii, Vermont, and Rhode Island.

Typically, considering Thomson International’s California command post, the states with the most sick protest the Western United States area. Utah (90), Oregon (85), California (76), and Montana (52) represent 303 cases, 47.3 percent of the 640 cases all out.

Of the 640 cases, 85 required hospitalization. Salmonella hits about 1.35 million Americans every year, hospitalizing around 26,500, normally with ridiculous looseness of the bowels, and murdering 420. For the vast majority, it implies four to seven days of loose bowels, stomachaches, and fever.

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